LWRA President’s Message – Week of 1/08/24

Good evening,

This is the second week in 2024 with an already busy schedule of happenings!


Tuesday January 9th Central and West Central Florida could potentially encounter severe storms and high winds.  Please prepare you radio equipment to encounter these expected storms.

  1. Please charge any batteries associated with your station or hand held equipment.
  2. Please acclimate yourself with appropriate, updated and reliable information regarding the progression of this front.
  3. Monitor all methods of communications to avail of potential hazards or dangerous aspects of this front.
  4. Polk County WC4PEM frequencies can be found at https://www.polkares.org for the repeater that best serves your area.
  5. Other amateur associated weather information can me found on NI4CE sometimes referred to as the big stick. This wide area repeater net work has both analog and NXDN* availability. Go to https://NI4CE.org for repeater information,
  6. If you encounter severe weather or associated results from this weather please report in specific, concise brief reporting to convey you immediate situation.

Please join us for our weekly LWRA net on the 442.425MHz +5MHz with 127.3 CTCSS on TX and RX.  NI4S Rick will be the NET CONTROL operator. The net will begin at 7:30 PM followed by our informal on the same repeater following the regular net.

This week is our regular meeting for the LWRA. The meeting is at LWFD , all are encouraged to attend. We will have a “State of the Club” program which will include several items of interest for the up coming year.  The meeting will commence at 7PM. The location is LWFD , 253 West Central Ave. The ZOOM link will be the same as last month. We will announce the new ZOOM information for subsequent meetings in the next few days.

Our QRP committee is busy finalizing the January QRP, we will post that as soon as it is finalized.

Thanks for being a supportive group and I look forward to having another banner year in the LWRA.

See ya on the air


*NXDN radio required for digital network