History of the LWRA

Lake Wales Repeater Association History
The truth according to Sam Baine W4KUM, who became a Silent Key in September 2021.

Once upon a time three Amateurs said, “Let’s have a Repeater”, or it might have gone this way, who was it that said “Let’s have a Repeater”. Well either way (W4KUM, W4PGH, and K4TQA) were the three responsible individuals and we are all very thankful they did.

Of course it takes many things time, money, equipment, people, and etc. to get one started and the following is a list of those as of record who had it not been for them, L.W.R.A as we know it today, would not be!

-by Rick WB9IJW


WB4WEH – Del Replogle – Principal benefactor for LWRA

NonHam – Dan Keith – Expert Tower Climber

AD4C – Jim Fredricks – Acquired and financed GE Master and donated controller

NonHam – Max Kimbrall – Dist. Mgr. of Storrer Cable, Secured tower site and donated hardline.

WB4T – Bill Wingate – Secured Original shed, UHF Repeater, and cabling

Dates and Data

1974 –

Freq. 146.19/79 Assigned. Motorola Receiver. Transmitter unknown.

1975 –

Given tower site by Max Kimbrall 04/18/75. (Storer cable site)

1976 –

147.33/93 assigned by Florida Repeater Council 02/29/76. Florida coast to coast coverage.

1978 –

Acquired GE Master VHF repeater. Also acquired Cavities.

1984 –

New ID’er and tone board 02/29/84.

1986 –

UHF Repeater Freq. Assigned by Florida Repeater Council.

1989 –

Donations for new Repeater begins. Also Larry Prelog – KE4PM removed unused hardline from tower per Storrer Cable instructions.

1990 –

In July new Spectrum VHF Repeater ordered. New Repeater installed 12/21/90.

1991 –

On 7/29/91 New 2 Meter Cavities received.

1994 –

LWRA Picnic ..Kiwanis Park….. 47 attended and much  food
March – 1st LWRA  Golf Tour…66 played…8am Tee time. Video by KR4ZU good fun
New Packet controller Pac-com Tiny 2


March of Dimes Walk..5th year ..10 Volunteers provided communications and Safety
No Meetings during the summer…..


Tour of Sebring 500 signed up….150 thru Lake Wales …12 volunteers
Letter of Thanks from Sebring Club and from West Palm Beach Org.

1995 –


On The Air…147.33 Repeater…70cc 444.95/repeater…70cc auto patch…Packet Node 145.010
March 11. …Fox Hunt…..8 participated…  First Year
March 18…..2nd  LWRA Golf Tournament…60 played


6th year of March of Dimes in Winter Haven, Fl..12 vol…raised $38,000.00
No meeting during summer


Sebring Bike Tour…500 signed…150 thru Lw….14 volunteers

1996 –


LWRA Picnic at Crystal Park..47..much food …chilly


3rd LWRA Golf Open ..At Sun Air Golf Club…60 golfers. video by KR4ZU

April –

March of Dimes…12 vol….great wx and turnout


During March meeting ..voted to move meetings to Eagle Ridge Mall


Sebring Tour…11 vol…this year..many different types of bikes…150 thru LW

1997 –


New Repeater on air..old one to be repaired


7th year March of Dimes in WH….375 walkers…12 volunteers


1st Ridge Traders net…Monday night…67 Ck ins
No meetings during Summer


Salute to WB4TIN Glenn…Oldest member of LWRA
1st LWRA Web Page….by KD4EFN

1998 –


New club Call KF4YEA
Web Address was WWW.lwra.org

1999 –


March of Dimes …12 vol….325 walkers
LWRA Picnic  51 hungry people
Repeater etc. moved off of tower at Waverly Growers to YMCA

2000 –

Move to YMCA for meeting and repeater site achieved
Picnic moved to Kiwanis Park…41 attended  Boy scouts invited

2004 –

January 4, Club web site ‘re-born’ with active content.

June, First club Field Day event. Had a cook out too. This was a big hit with members.

Aug. 13 to Sept. 26, Hurricane Charley, Frances, and Jeanne come though Lake Wales. Charley breaks antenna and Jeanne bends pole.

November 20, Repeater back on the air after storms. Site: Lake Wales ‘Y’ on a 50′ tower.

2005 –

January 2, Repeater shed moved from long term storage and operational at ‘Y’ site.

March 12, Cookout / Radio Day. Club sponsored event held at the Kiwanis Park.

June 15, Lightning strike destroys antenna, damages Repeater and it’s support equipment.

June 25, Our 2nd Club sponsored Field Day and picnic was very successful.

July 16, Repeater back on the Air after June lightning strike.

September 4, six LWRA members provided safety check points for 2005 Sebring bike tour.

2006 –

January 6, LWRA Repeater callsign change approved by FCC. Now K4LKW Repeater.

February 4, Members participate in the “Freeze Your Buns Off” CW QRP contest.

February 18, LWRA table at the Sebring Hamfest.

March 28, Club picnic, vintage radio display, and mini-Foxhunt.

June 24, Our 3rd Club sponsored Field Day and picnic, successful and growing.

July 30, Members participate in the Flight of the Bumble Bees CW QRP contest.

November 18, Lost our ‘Y’ Repeater site location.

2007 –

February 17, LWRA table at the Sebring Hamfest. Tables so full we needed more tables!

March 1, City of Lake Wales provides new home for our repeater on a water tower.

March 10, Club picnic. Comfortable WX, door prizes and great food.

September 2, three LWRA members provided checkpoints for the 2007 Sebring bike tour.

December, Dan Marquis/Central Florida Tower, donates hardline, installs new 4 bay ant.

2008 –

January 4, First reversed-polarity sunspot signals new solar cycle. Wait a few more years…

January 26, Winter Field Day Pic-nic at Kiwanis Park.

February 14, Spectrum and entire repeater system overhaul by John KC4KLM completed.

February 16, LWRA table at the Sebring Hamfest.

April 2, LWRA repeater back on the air thanks to City of Lake Wales, using water tower.

June 28, Summer Field Day Pic-nic at Kiwanis Park.


January 31, Winter Field Day Pic-nic at Kiwanis Park.

June 27, Summer Field Day Pic-niuc at Kiwanis Park.

2010 –

Jannuary 30, Winter Field Day Pic-nic at Kiwanis Park

June 10, Voted to start a New 2-Meter net for the club.

June 22, Rich (KJ4INW) startes the New 2-Meter LWRA Traders Net and Rag chew.

New Vertex Repeater and CAT controller purchased.

June 26, Field Day. Cookout and Rain…..Love it.

2011 –

New/old officers Pres- Thomas K4KH, VP – Judson KJ4IDH, Sec – Jack K4BYF, Tres – Don WN3USA

January 29,  Winter Field Day Pic-nic at Kiwanis Park.

June 12, New Coordination for UHF repeater, 444.425 PL 127.3.

June 25 and 26. Ran 24 hour Field Day at Camp Endevor, Great Turn out.

July 14, Voterd for Temporary Location of the UHF Repeater to be at a members house.

August, Put up the UHF Repeater at Rich’s house (KJ4INW).

2012 –

New/old officers Pres- Thomas K4KH, VP – Judson KJ4IDH, Sec – Jack K4BYF, Tres – John KU8Q

January 28, Winter Field Day Pic-nic at Kiwanis Park.

May 20, Volunteers for Communications Net for the Iron Man half Triathalon in Haines City.

June 12,  Brand New 12 year old Ham does our Net and get’s 46 check in’s *Congrats to Dana Joyce (KK4JYA)

June 23, Summer Field Day Pic-Nic at Kiwanis Park and the rain held off for a great day of fellowship.

June 26, Celebrated the 2 year Anniversary of the LWRA  Traders Net and Rag Chew. (**New Record **-57)

2013 –

New/old officers Pres- Thomas K4KH, VP – Judson KJ4IDH, Sec – Fred W2SU, Tres – John KU8Q, Dir – Roger KI4YQT

Jan 26, Winter picnic/field day at Kiwanis park

Feb 23, Antenna building directed by Howard WB4NYT at Kiwanis Park

More to come……………

From the Oldest Amateur Radio Club in Polk County.