Collins Equipment For Sale

I’m considering downsizing my Collins collection and offering the following for consideration:
Round Emblem KWM-2A with the Collins F-516 power supply.  Both in very good condition. Serial number of rig is 16849.  Asking $1000.00 for both
Collins S-line   both winged emblem,  32S-3 and 75S-3B  with F-516-2 power supply with speaker. Asking $2000.00   serial number of 32S-3 is 11284      75S3B is  16570
 All are Welcome to come to my QTH for demo/use
 Contact me @ 863-519-0327  or 863-232-9061    e-mail is:
 Mike   K3MKB

Good price on new mobile antennas

I have the following mobile antennas for sale:
Diamond CR-627B for use with NMO mount. Covers 6 meters, 2 meters, and 70 cm.  Never used.  These sell for nearly $100, plus minimum $20 for magnetic mount.  It’s yours for $50.  Just add the NMO style mount of your choice to your mobile and attach this antenna.
Comet SB-15 for use with NMO mount. Never used.  Covers 6 meters, 2 meters and 70 cm. Also for sale for $50.  This one is available from mail order dealers for about $75.  Same as above….just add the NMO style mount of your choice and attach this one to your mobile.
 73, Claude Brown
Contact me at 
Phone 863 318-1869

Like New, dual band antenna and mobile mount

I have a Comet RS720 universal mobile “lip” mount with NMO connector on mount and a Diamond NR73B NMO dual band antenna to fit it. This mount attaches easily to almost any surface “lip” on a vehicle and is held in place with four set screws. The max thickness of the lip can be up to 1/4″ and the mount has five feet of LMR-100 “thin” coax attached so it fits thru the weather seal on hatchbacks, van doors, trunk lids, etc. and terminates inside the vehicle using a standard SO-239. All you do is add the interior coax with PL-259s on each end and run it to the radio. Once the mount is attached to the lip, you may rotate the antenna to a full vertical position from most any mounting angle and then lock it in place. Total value of this combination, new, is about $125. Right now I’ll let it go for $65.  It looks and works like brand new!

Contact John, KU8Q, 863-221-4711

or email me:

Antenna Price Reduction


I have a Comet GP-15 tri band fiberglass base antenna for sale.  Covers the FM portions of 6m, 2m & 440.  7’11” tall, one piece fiberglass.

It’s been in the sun for 10 years but should be good for at least another ten +++.  Cost $170.00 new. Now asking $75.

Fred // W1FEH  352-409-3000