Large Assortment For Sale


Janice Falcon in Zephyrhills, KM4IEY, has the following for sale.

CONTACT:, 813-779-9353, or cell 813-997-1709

Please note that all items can be checked out to make sure they work correctly. Willing to discuss other offers.


Kenwood 2 meter TM 281A with computer interface and mounting bracket.  Excellent Condition—— $80

2 meter 440 antenna with 30 ft push up pole—- $75

MFJ Versa Tuner 941D—– $50

Kenwood DC Switching Power Supply—–$50

Kenwood HF/MHz  All Mode Transceiver TS-590S with Kenwood MC-60 Desk Microphone —-$800

Butternut HF6V vertical HF antenna with radial plate and tilt base—-$200

MFJ-260 C Dummy Load —- $10

MFJ- 901B Antenna Tuner—-$50

MFJ-259B SWR Analyzer—-$75

Daiwa Cn-100 Cross Needle SWR & Power Meter—-$50


600 Watts HF SOLID STATE linear amplifier (No Tuning Required, switch bands and it switches with the transceiver). This amp comes with 120V switching power supply.
Also includes ARB-704 relay box, multiple cables to connect to several different brands of transceivers, and comes with the 10 meter optional coil.
Price for EVERYTHING WAS $1450, REDUCED TO $1200, for local pickup.
(Current TOTAL price NEW for everything is $1770)
Claude, K7TEN
Phone: 863-318-1869
email: K7TEN@Yahoo(dot)com

HF Antennas and Tower Sections For Sale

Cushcraft R6 Multiband Vertical HF antenna———$200
Rohn 20 tower sections, 1 tapered top section, 1 straight section—$50 for both
Butternut Butterfly 1- 20 meter antenna and 1 multi-band antenna—-$50 for both

Call John, K4IZT

Two Mobile OR Base Station Radios For Sale

I have the following items for sale:
(1) Yaesu FT-7900R Dual Band–VHF/UHF transceiver, good condition…$185.00
(1) Yaesu FT-2800 2 Meters only VHF transceiver, good condition….$95.00

Neither of these radios have ever been used mobile and come from a non-smoking environment
You can use them mobile if you wish, or use as base station with 12 VDC power supply.
Power supply not included.

Please contact Darrell, KT4WX @ 863-245-9923 or via email at
Thanks and 73

Silent Key Equipment For Sale-UPDATED

I have been requested to post the following HF and VHF/UHF equipment for the widow of a Silent Key in Winter Haven. Models, condition and prices are listed below.

#1-Denton Radio, Clipperton-L Linear Amp, 15 meters through 160 meters. 8/10 appearance. 2 kw PEP SSB. 1 kw on CW. Drive power needed is 65-150 watts. Has four 572-B tubes in the final. Weighs about 50 lbs. $450.
#2-Kenwood TH-K2 Dual Band HT. Needs antenna replacement. 7/10 cosmetic condition. $75. Has wall wart charger included.
#3-Icom IC-2100 mobile VHF transceiver. Operates on 12 volts. Has two meter capability only. $50.
#4-Kenwood model KPS-12, 12 volt, 12 amp power supply. Operates on 120 volt AC power. Looks like new 10/10 cosmetic appearance.
#5-Kenwood power supply Model PS-5. 12 volt, 20 amp output to power the TS 450-S listed above. $100. 10/10 cosmetic appearance.
Most equipment have instruction books with them. Those that don’t are available “online.”
IF interested, Please email me at
Locals get first pick before these go on used equipment web sites.