LWRA President’s Message – Week of 12/17/23

Holiday Greetings,

I know most of you are getting your final items ready for the season. As a diverse group of folks I know we have several who celebrate in different ways. Some cultural, some by choice, either way enjoy and celebrate !

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the services of both Christine K4KJN and Michael AG4LT for the commitment to making LWRA one of the best radio clubs in the area. When you get a chance thank each of them.

And to welcome the new officers, Gary W4GHB treasurer, Dan W5DBH Vice President and Gene WH6DNF and Mike AG4LT as Board Member at Large.

I look forward to another year of progress and success. We as a group have made tremendous strides and are on the path to things that may have not been tried before as a club. Each of you can, and should be, an ambassador for the LWRA encouraging new members and former members to join in the fun.

A couple of real quick items;

Net in Tuesday will be at 730 PM on the 442.425MHz machine with 127.3 CTCSS. Brook Peabody W4BDP will be net control for this weeks net. Brook always does a great job and looks forward to your check in. Remember you can ‘you would if you could’ but are out of town, range or whatever via the LWRA Signal Chat app. Near net time.

The last get ready for the FOX HUNT our QRP will be Dec 30 at Crystal lake Park and we will hunt a FOX!

W4JFS will provide frequency and other information.  www.lwra.us/qrp for additional information.

Have a great week and we will ‘see ya on the air’