LWRA President’s Message – Week of 10/30/23

Greetings to all,

I would be remis without sending a huge Thank You to W4JFS for setting up the event this month. He, along with the rest of the committee have done a stellar job on our QRP’s. Kudo’s.

About the QRP Great food, fellowship and opportunities to help a few folks out.

Here is what you missed: three folks came to the event to get answers about Ham radio. One was a new General that has no yet purchased any equipment and wanted to get advice.e found us by reviewing our website and the information it provided.

The second was interested in how to test and become a ham and the third was a GMRS operator, who is studying for his Technician, had a complex antenna issue on his vehicle. Several of us gave possible resolves. We are in hope that they work and look forward to ALL of these being new HAM and a positive addition to the LWRA.

This week in HAM:

The LWRA weekly net is the rarity of the 5th week! That means that KT4WX will be the host so on Tuesday at 7:30PM please join us for the net. We will be on the 442.425Mhz machine 127.3Hz Tx and Rx. Now the 5th Tuesday KT4WX if that’s not a trick…. na it’s a treat!

He will announce the round table after the net on the same repeater.

As a reminder , if you are away from the repeater please check in on the Signal LWRA chat group and we will get you in to the log.

AS of tomorrow the LWRA VHF machine will be turned off. The interference is back. We have done EVERYTHING to eliminate this noise.

New radio,

New duplexer

2 tower climbs ( one replacing the antenna and new connectors on the cable.

A band filter

I am at a loss!!!!

Hope to ‘see you on the air’