LWRA President’s Message – Week of 10/23/23


Here we are in October of 2023; how time flies when you are having fun.  This is the week! QRP is here and it’s HAM ‘n Beans!  We will start at 9 with our QRP and the Tailgate Tech until around noon. We will be in the same general area as last year with plenty of room to set up stations.  Wait somewhere in this email is a surprise for the QRP!  www.lwra.us/qrp for the flyer.

Our Tailgate Tech will be NTS traffic. We will have at least a couple of stations set up for you to practice passing traffic using the ARRL traffic form. I will include that form in this email. If you have never previously had the opportunity to pass traffic this will be a good place to try it out. You can formulate traffic on the form, and we can help you send it, to someone on site or we may, time permitting gather a message and pass it on the Saturday Night Eagle Net, the WCF ARRL NTS net on NI4CE network.

We will be on simplex 147.525 for the site simplex.

https://youtu.be/55rdRZ21kw?si=CTXuyLtk4-Hu9-n- :This is a good video regarding traffic

https://wwwarrl.org/nts-letterssue2023-10-03: An article regarding the traffic NTS letter.

The Beans portion of the event we will partake of a wide variety of BEAN dishes. Thanks to all the Chefs in advance and to those bringing set-ups and supplies thank you as well. The WCF quarterly meeting will start with us, then progress to the EOC around 1PM for their meeting. It is my understanding you are welcome to attend if you desire.

The LWRA Net this week will be tomorrow (10/24/2023) at 730PM on the 442.425MHz machine 127.3Hz is the CTCSS and it is recommended that this be on the TX and RX due to this repeater being dual mode analog and Fusion.

The net control will be KB4FHP doing a swap with Jim N4JPC.  We will have a round table on the UHF machine with a question to ponder.

You can check in on the air or if unavailable for the repeater via LWRA Signal Chat. If you do not have Signal Chat, you can register with John W4JFS at the QRP.  All club members are welcome.

The VHF machine will be monitored during the net for anyone with VHF capabilities only. 147.33MHz 127.3Hz CTCSS.

Now for the twist in the we will be giving away a door prize at the QRP this year. In order to register you MUST sign the log and get a ticket. (other tickets could be available if you ask) the two give away door prize will be.

Icom V80 VHF handheld radio Prize 2

Grand Prize Yaesu FTM3100R/E 85-watt VHF radio Prize 1 


I hope you’re making plans to join us, remember, BRING YOUR FAMILY! We want the to see what we do for a crazy hobby!

‘See ya on the air”




Jml610@comcast.net for questions