LWRA Traders Net Preamble

LWRA Net Preamble – PDF Format

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LWRA Net Preamble – HTML Format

LWRA net Preamble

(5 Minutes before the Net Begins) CQ, CQ, CQ, This is (name-call sign). The LWRA Weekly Net will begin in about 5 minutes.

(7:30 pm) CQ, CQ, CQ.  This is (name / call sign) I will be net control for this evening’s LWRA Weekly net.  This net is conducted every Tuesday evening at 7:30.  You do not have to be a member of the Lake Wales Radio Amateurs club to check into this net.

As a reminder, observe proper check-in procedure. First key your mic and say “Net Control”.  Un-Key and wait to see if anyone may have doubled with you.  If you hear someone, STAND BY, until they are checked in.  Then re-key and check in.  Give your call sign slowly, using the proper phonetic alphabet, and wait to be acknowledged.  Also, when checking in, advise if you have traffic or announcements.  If you have ham equipment you would like to sell, let me know, and I will let you announce it at the end of the net.  You may also send a detailed listing to ‘swap@lwra.us’ so that we can post it on our web site.

Are there any short timers that cannot stay for the entire net, come now.   Looking for short timers only.

I will now take check-ins from LWRA club officers….Officers, check in now.

If there any stations on Echo-link, check in at this time.

This is (name-call sign) for the LWRA Weekly net now taking check-ins from all Lake Wales Radio Amateur members.  Club members come now.

I will now take check-ins from anyone, anywhere.  Please check in now.

Last call for anyone that wishes to check into the LWRA Weekly net. Check in now.

The LWRA meets on the second Thursday of every month at 7 pm at the Lake Wales Fire Department Station 1 at 253 W. Central Avenue near downtown Lake Wales. We welcome members and guests to stop by and meet fellow hams.  Directions can be found on our web site at ‘www.lwra.us’.

Our VE team conducts testing free of charge on the first Saturday of each month at the Red Cross in downtown Winter Haven.  We do not take walk-ins.  You may send testing inquiries in advance to ‘ve@lwra.us’.  Further instructions may be found on our web site under the “License Exams” tab.

(At this time, if anyone mentioned an item for sale, call that station for additional information needed, otherwise, continue with the net)

Before I close this net, are there any late check-ins, announcements or anyone with ham radio equipment to buy, sell or trade.

Thank you all for taking part in tonight’s net.

This evening we had  ___ check-ins.  This is (name-call sign), Net Control for the LWRA Weekly Net, now closing the net at (give time net closes) and returning the Repeater to normal operation.

73, (callsign) clear