LWRA President’s Message – Week of 10/03/23

Good morning,

As I look out over the fields of corn and soybeans in Western Kentucky I am amazed at the beauty and enjoy the cooler temperatures.

The things I miss as soon as we get here each year are trivial to some, yet very important to me. I typically will try most of the listed repeaters here in the area, when we go visit friends and family in the adjacent towns, I try to raise someone. Inevitably I will go home after the week or so with one or typically no responses. That’s what I miss. The local association of friendship that we have in our area for HAM operators and the eagerness to converse on the radio! Enough of the soap box.

As far as LWRA here are the things of interest coming up.

First, we have the LWRA weekly net. This week we have John (the noted repeater killer) for the net this week. W4JFS did a remarkable job with the Fusion demo this weekend. I talked to several on the SE LINK. One of the folks on SE LINK was from the club that owns the network for SEL located at Lookout Mountain TN Radio Club. He was amazed that we utilized the event each month to educate the folks on new technologies and give them an opportunity to operate on HF. Thirty-four folks came to, or checked into the demo at our QRP this month. Great JOB!

The net will begin at 7:30 PM on the 442.425 machine that has a +5MHz offset with 127.3 CTCSS on TX and RX.  Join John for a great net and round table to follow on the repeater he announces on the net.

The repeater is back on the Yaesu D2 AMS analog/Fusion

October will be our Ham ‘n Beans event. This will be where you can bring your family. Friends prospective Hams to an event where we showcase our HF setups and our yet to be announced Tailgate Tech feature. The West Central Florida ARRL section will join us for lunch (that’s the bean part) before they go to the Polk EOC down the road for their quarterly meeting. It will be an exciting time. The QRP folks are brewing up a great idea for the “Tailgate Tech” portion that will be very interesting and educational commensurate with our guest from the WCF ARRL section. You will hear more about this as the days progress. I am looking forward to cooking a little Chili for the event! For those who are new this QRP is for the family. We encourage bringing someone with you and see what we do and have a little lunch afterward.  I still need beans and drinks etc. If you told me, you were bringing something and I do not have it listed please please remind me! 863-412-2467 if you have a question.

I need assistance with this event. The QRP committee will take care of the QRP. I need the following.

Paper bowls – KQ4KJV Jim

Chili (2 pots) – KB4FHP Mike

Beans –

Crackers or corn chips-

Cheese for chili-

Plastic spoons (something we thought we would try this year) (last year we tried chili with forks) AG4LT and W5DBH

Other sides or condiments-

Drinks- water, iced tea –

Deserts optional-

Please please email if you can bring something: Jml610@comcast.net


Have a great week!
‘see ya on the air’