LWRA President’s Message – Week of 9/25/23

Here we are again at the near end of another month. 2023 has crested the hill and began the rapid  slide to season of stuff to do! It begins at a busy time of the year for most of us.

As far as LWRA here are the things of interest coming up.

First, we have the LWRA weekly net. This week we have Jim back from his ventures out west. The net will begin at 7:30 PM on the 442.425MHz machine that has a +5MHx offset with 127.3 CTCSS on TX and RX. Dan and I should have the repeater changed back to the Yaesu D2 machine for the net. During the net Jim will announce if we have a Round Table and on which repeater. If you cannot reach the repeater you can check in on our Signal Chat Group.

The weekend is upon us and it’s QRP time! The QRP will be at Fort Meade Park. This park is located just east of the Peace River bridge on US98. Look for the banner and other indicators regarding the event. This area is well shaded and has restroom facilities. We have not rented a covered area; sunscreen and bug spray are always recommended for the QRP. This month’s Tech feature will be Fusion. If you have a Fusion Yaesu radio program it to simplex 147.525MHz. This should be on C4FM. This will allow you to utilize W4JFS’ node to Wires X at the event. We will try to contact another club member in NC and myself in KY.  We will also have folks setting up their HF rigs. Or if you just want to come fellowship and meet folks, look at radios, antennas or have questions we look forward to you join our QRP vent. For more information www.lwra.us/qrp .

October will be our Ham ‘n Beans event. This will be where you can bring your family. Friends prospective Hams to an event where we showcase our HF setups and our yet to be announced Tailgate Tech feature. The West Central Florida ARRL section will join us for lunch (that’s the bean part) before they go to the Polk EOC down the road for their quarterly meeting.

I need assistance with this event. The QRP committee will take care of the QRP. I need the following.

  • Paper bowls – KQ4KJV Jim
  • Chili (2 pots) – KB4FHP Mike
  • Beans
  • More beans
  • Crackers or corn chips
  • Cheese for chili
  • Plastic spoons (something we thought we would try this year) (last year we tried chili with forks)
  • Other sides or condiments
  • Drinks- water, iced tea
  • Deserts optional

Please please email if you can bring something.  Jml610@comcast.net


‘see ya on the air’  KB4FHP