LWRA President’s Message – Week of 12/04/23


A great day to spend with grandkids at Disney!

Thanks for all who checked into the SKYWARN event on Saturday, I think it was a success.

This week we have amongst the ‘seasonal Hustle’ a great time to take a quick break.

The net will be on Tuesday with the ‘repeater buster’ at the helm.  John W4JFS will be on the air at 7:30 Tuesday on the 442.425MHz machine +5  127.3 on TX and RX.  He will announce the roundtable informal topic that immediately follows the regular net.

Coming up next week is the LWRA meeting. It is the formality of elections and we will have a presentation/ question and answer / topic of radio software for programming.  Including overview on Chirp, some factory software as well as RT systems.

That is next week, If you have a particular question please email me ahead of time and I will try and address your specific question.

Later in the month , Dec 30th, bring those new radios Santa brought you and join us for the QRP where we will have a FOXHUNT!

More on that in the days to come.  See ya on the air’