LWRA President’s Message – Week of 9/18/23

Greeting fellow radio aficionados, as my friend Dan says.

This is your Monday Message on Tuesday with opportunities for HAM radio.

I would like to thank each of you who attended the ‘hands on’ meeting last Thursday. A great turnout and positive comments indicate that those who sought assistance benefited from this meeting. A special thanks to Russ, Darrell, Brook, Allen, and anyone I missed who assisted our fellow HAMS. We will plan more of these in the future to help you learn this expansive hobby. A great time had by all. Great turn out!

Don’t forget the net tonight. We will be on the Vertex 7000 UHF machine 442.425MHz +5MHz with CTCSS tone 127.3 on TX and RX. This will be the last net on this machine after testing from repairs. We will switch back to the Yaesu D2 machine sometime this week and will go back to AMS Analog /Fusion.

I will be the net control for this evening’s net and will monitor the 2M machine as well if you cannot get to the UHF machine.  Also, you can always check in a few minutes’ prior and during the net on the LWRA Signal group.  The round table repeater will be announced during the net and the question will be. –Hamfest season starts in a few weeks, what HAM Fest do you plan on attending and WHAT are you looking for?

Well our QRP folks have done it again, we will be at Fort Meade again this month at the park by the Peace River.  www.lwra.us/qrp for the flyer and talk in. This month the tailgate tech theme is Fusion and Wires X. This is in conjunction with the new Fusion repeater as well as other ways to access. We will have a Wires node in operation at the event and I will be out of state trying to make contact back with the folks at the QRP.

The October QRP is in the planning as well it the World Famous LWRA QRP ‘HAM n Beans’ we need bean volunteers for beans and or fixins to sign up at this month’s meeting.  We ARE expecting a larger crowd this year due to invited guests and VIPs from the WCF section.

To point: I need to know if you are interested in being one of our bean makers. WE WILL HAVE A LARGER TURN OUT THAN LAST YEAR!!!!! THE WCF SECTION WILL JOIN US FOR OUR EVENT THEN HAVE THEIR MEETING AT TH POLK EOC. I NEED BEANS or BEAN DISHES like Great Northern, NAVY, Black Beans or RED beans, or Pinto or Chili or THREE Bean salad you get the picture. I also need associated fixins like drinks, and bowls, SPOONS and forks, cups; if you are interested please let me know what you are bringing by sending me an email jml610@comcast.net Thanks I hope to see ya there!


As always ‘I’ll see ya on the air.’ 73 KB4FHP de Mike