LWRA Presidents Message – Week of 9/04/23

Greeting fellow radio aficionados, as my friend Dan says.

This is your Monday Message with opportunities for HAM radio.

First the announcement that our friends at PEM have repaired our spare UHF Vertex 700 repeater for VERY little cost. Thanks to Richard and Julian and Paul for their continued support of amateur radio.

This is the repeater that John W4JFS burned up in his record-breaking net a couple of months ago. Here is the test. I am going to put the Vertex back on the air, to assure all is well. Albeit will be temporary for a a few weeks. (This will mean C4FM will NOT be available for this test period.)  I can only suspect that the test period is in order to see if survives another net from John Tuesday. Ha-ha.

That brings me to the net; don’t forget our net is Tuesday at 730PM on the 442.425 +5 machine with CTCSS (in and out) of 127.3 that probably is labeled Tone Sq in you programming. This week’s NET CONTROL is W4JFS and is always an interesting net with the ‘round table’ following the regular net on the announced repeater.

The LWRA monthly meeting’s ‘hands on’ meeting. This month we have been suggested by several members to do a review or update or how to use computer CPS (computer program software) We have several updates such as the new W4VCO/WC4PEM DMR repeater now in Indian Lake Estates (400’) and linked to the other two DMR repeaters located in Polk City (300’) and Ft Meade-Welcome (400’) these are on the Interstate 2 C Bridge.  If you have a DMR radio, BRING it we can SHOW you how to enter new information into that radio. Note: if you radio is specific and uncommonly used in this area, please email me to assure we have your software available jml610@comcast.net . The other item of interest is a new software for TYT UV380 and UV 390. This upgrade allows for more menu selections and a larger contact database (500,000). We will demonstrate how to convert one of these radios at the meeting.  The third aspect of hands on will be fine tuning your Pi-star hot spot.  If you are proficient in any of these topics, we would love to have you assist us. Join us at 7PM at the LWFD Station 1 253 west Central Ave. on the 14th of the month.

Finally, our QRP folks have done it again, we will be at Fort Meade again this month at the park by the Peace River.  www.lwra.us/qrp for the flyer and talk in. This month the tailgate tech theme is Fusion and Wires X. This is in conjunction with the new Fusion repeater as well as other ways to access. We will have a Wires node in operation at the event and I will be out of state trying to make contact back with the folks at the QRP.

The October QRP is in the planning as well it the World Famous LWRA QRP ‘HAM n Beans’ we need bean volunteers for beans and or fixins to sign up at this month’s meeting.  We ARE expecting a larger crowd this year due to invited guests and VIPs from the WCF section.

As always ‘I’ll see ya on the air.’
73 de KB4FHP Mike