Antenna Price Reduction


I have a Comet GP-15 tri band fiberglass base antenna for sale.  Covers the FM portions of 6m, 2m & 440.  7’11” tall, one piece fiberglass.

It’s been in the sun for 10 years but should be good for at least another ten +++.  Cost $170.00 new. Now asking $75.

Fred // W1FEH  352-409-3000

Almost Free Radio Upgrade


I have a Yaesu  FT 8900 quad band radio that is in perfect condition. I rarely used 6 or 10 meter FM before moving to Polk county so I didn’t put up antennas for those bands when I got here.  I also have a FT 8800 dual band radio in my vehicle. So what I want to do is swap the quad band for a dual band in the same condition or better.  I will get a radio that I am comfortable with and uses the same programing system.  You will get two more bands to play with.  To keep it simple we can just swap the radio, control head and the empty box.  New the dealers get $20.00 more for the FT 8900.


Fred // W1FEH


ICOM 746


Icom 746 All Band (except UHF) All Mode

Dedicated Icom power supply, external speaker, desk mic, and hand mic.

Icom Autotuner

Very good condition

Asking $700.00 dollars for all.

Please contact Mike Green

863-679-3173 to leave message. 20151119_08024320151119_080052

Kenwood TS-430S For Sale


Kenwood TS-430S with PS-30 power supply and MC-60 desktop mic included. Everything in tip top operating condition. Original owner from a non-smoking household. Original user manual and I will demonstrate for interested prospective buyer. $600 takes it. Contact George, KJ4BB, 863-221-2184.


I Don’t Have Space….SALE!!

Additional item just added:   Standard transceiver, Model C-5900DA, tri-band.  Covers 6 meters, 2 meters and 70 cm.  Asking $350.

This is still a bargain!  An Icom IC-2100H VHF (2 meter only transceiver. Good working condition with full rated power outputs-55/10/5 watts. Features include encode/decode, tone scan, 113 memories, Call Channel, Scanning, Time-out timer and Hand mic. Asking $55.

MFJ-969 Antenna Tuner with MFJ-1312D power supply. Covers 160M thru 6M, 300 Watt $125.00 OR $100 without the MFJ-1312D. 

The MFJ-969 Antenna Tuner features MFJ’s superb AirCore Roller Inductor and full 6 meters through 160 Meter coverage! You get everything you’ve ever wanted including…300 Watts PEP SSB full featured antenna tuner, widest matching range, full size lighted Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter reads true peak forward power, QRM-Free PreTune, 8 Position antenna switch, built in 50 Ohm dummy load, heavy duty 4:1 balun — all in a tough, attractive cabinet.

Sorry……..the LDG YT-100 Antenna Tuner is gone!!!!

BUT, I still have a  BRAND NEW (never used) 144/220 MHz Antenna Tuner
MFJ-921….Still in the Box $70

Claude Brown, K7TEN
863 318-1869
Winter Haven, FL  33884



Unit offers Digital voice and low speed data communication, D-Star capabilities, built in CTCSS/DTCS encoder & decoder, 1052 memory channels, and covers from 0.495 to 999.99 MHZ to enable listening to aviation, marine, weather, and other communication channels. Comes with BC-167 wall charger, antenna, generic programming cable, operations manual, mini manual, and quick reference manual. Unit has more bells and whistles than I need. Asking $310.00 OBO . M.O., PayPal, or personal check accepted upon bank clearance. E-Mail with any questions.

Thanks for looking.

73, Mike,

K3MKB, Bartow


Ham and Test Equipment from the Estate of KG4UES


UPDATED 11/13/2015


Listed below is the HAM related equipment for sale from the estate of Al Rettig , KG4UES.  If you are interested in any of the items, please contact Bear Haskins, KJ4DSM for details. or 863 325 6996.

Pryne  AL 800 telescoping HT antenna                                      $ 20.00 (used

Palstar AT 2K 2000W antenna tuner                                           $400.00 (used)

Bird Mod 43 wattmeter/with 6  plugs:    5w/100-250mhz; 10w/100-250mhz; 25w/100-250mhz;

5w/400-1000 mhz; 10w/200-500mhz; 100w/2-30mhz;           $275.00 (used)

Bird Mod 8080 coax resistor                                                          $  35.00  (used )

Bird Mod. 4030 Field Test Instrument                                          $ 100.00 (used)

Alpha Seventy PA70 A linear amp.w/spare tube in box          $1800.00 (used)

B&W 425 low pass filter 0-30 mc                                                    $  25.00 (used)

Realistic 42 3010 sound level meter                                               $  15.00 (used)

2- Shure 401B mikes, no plugs                                                  $ 15.00 each (used)

Shure 444 desk mike                                                                           $ 33.00 (used)

Progressive 200B inductive amplifier                                                $ 10.00 (used)

Belco FX2000 xtal markers generator 100-50 MHz                  Make offer (Found in Radio Museum)

Palace TE-16A test oscillator                                               Make offer (Found in Radio Museum)  SOLD

Mod SE 350 transistor signal chaser                                            Make offer (Found in Radio Museum)

Meterman 37XR  Digital multimeter                                                   $75.00 (used)

TRIMM professional  Headphones                                                        $25.00 (used)

TELEX padded Headphones                                                                    $15.00 (used)

PAC noise analyzer, signal tracer                                                       Make an offer

Rally 200W power inverter (for car)                                                      $15.00 (used)

There are other small loose parts,   too many to list.