Silent Key Equipment Closeout

The equipment below is the last available from a Silent Key sale and the widow would like to sell it so she does not have to move it up North.
Make an offer on any or all of the listing. Everything is used, but was kept in “like new” condition by it’s owner.  To make an offer, call Bear, KJ4DSM,@863-325-6996, or email:
Bird Mod 43 wattmeter/with 6  plugs:    5w/100-250mhz; 10w/100-250mhz; 25w/100-250mhz;
5w/400-1000 mhz; 10w/200-500mhz; 100w/2-30mhz;           $275.00 (used)
Alpha Seventy PA70 A linear amp.w/spare tube in box         $1800.00 (used)
Palstar AT 2K 2000W antenna tuner                                       $400.00 (used
Bird Mod 8080 coax resistor                                                     $35.00  (used

Like new dual band antenna and mobile mount

I have a Comet RS720 universal mobile “lip” mount with NMO on mount and a Diamond NR73B NMO dual band antenna to fit it. This mount attaches easily to almost any lip on a vehicle and is held in place with four set screws. The max thickness of the lip can be up to 1/4″ and the mount has five feet of LMR-100 “thin” coax so it fits thru the weather seal on hatchbacks, van doors, trunk lids, etc. and terminates inside the vehicle using a standard SO-239. All you do is add the interior coax with PL-259s on both ends and run it to the radio. Once the mount is attached to the lip, you can rotate the antenna to a full vertical position from most any mounting angle and then lock it in place. Total value of this combination, new, is about $125. Right now, $70 cash makes it yours. It looks and works like brand new.

Contact John, KU8Q, 863-221-4711

Antenna Price Reduction


I have a Comet GP-15 tri band fiberglass base antenna for sale.  Covers the FM portions of 6m, 2m & 440.  7’11” tall, one piece fiberglass.

It’s been in the sun for 10 years but should be good for at least another ten +++.  Cost $170.00 new. Now asking $75.

Fred // W1FEH  352-409-3000



Unit offers Digital voice and low speed data communication, D-Star capabilities, built in CTCSS/DTCS encoder & decoder, 1052 memory channels, and covers from 0.495 to 999.99 MHZ to enable listening to aviation, marine, weather, and other communication channels. Comes with BC-167 wall charger, antenna, generic programming cable, operations manual, mini manual, and quick reference manual. Unit has more bells and whistles than I need. Asking $310.00 OBO . M.O., PayPal, or personal check accepted upon bank clearance. E-Mail with any questions.

Thanks for looking.

73, Mike,

K3MKB, Bartow