LWRA President’s Message – Week of 6/24/24

Good Monday Morning!

A great weekend!

I would like to thank ALL who participated in any of the Field Day events this year. A very busy time at the LARC Field day in Kathleen with several LWRA members attending and participating. A great show of camaraderie! Others traveled to the WCF section from the LWRA with the message of support and fulfilling their assignments to the League. I know Russ had a particularly interesting time riding Adam-12 with KT4WX as they travel the section, then coming back to operate most of the night. What a great bunch of HAMs making the day a productive one. Again, for All who made the day a success (wherever you participated)!

If you are on Vacation, always try the local repeater in your area if possible. Also, if you’re a DSTAR user reminder if you can locate a gateway repeater or have a hot spot you can access our Polk DSTAR repeater and communicate with some of the folks in our area. Also, DMR if you have a HOT SPOT or use Brandmiester repeaters you can use the Polk Schools TG 319162 to talk home as well. Other TG like Florida SW are also well monitored locally.

We have already had some unusual weather so be or get prepared for the remainder of the summer. DONT FORGET TO DISCONNECT!
If you are new to the area and need assistance in what is needed for the storm preparation and the recovery, we can certainly direct you to the proper resources and agencies. A good place to see emergency operations would be to join us at the Polk ARES meeting this month. The fourth Thursday at 7 PM doors open at 630 information at www.polkares.org/meetings for a map and information. Remember hurricane preparedness takes planning and time.

A great tool for preparation would be to have LWRA SIGNAL on your phone for questions and or updates. See Russ or John W4JFS for more information. Welcome to the several new folks who have joined us this week on SIGNAL.

As we prepare for the JULY QRP please drop us an email if you have something of interest you would like to have as the tailgate tech section. We can certainly revisit already presented topics for review such as the digital modes, how to, or other items not covered. Email me with suggestions jml610@comcast.net and I will get it to the committee.

A couple of new items; The K4LKW repeater trustee has finally been accomplished. We are working now on the Echo link to be updated and working in the next few weeks. Also, Russ N4RTD besides being a great Elmer and Fixer he is also a great graphic artist. He has designed the LWRA 50th anniversary emblem and it is now available to have shirts made at out shirt vendor, Embroidery shirts and or hats only at this time. At the July meeting I will get an interesting list of screen-printed shirts. Our vendor ALL Tech Stitching is located at 3850 Recker Highway Winter Haven Florida 33880. THEY WILL NOT TAKE PHONE ORDERS FOR CUSTOM WORK!

HEADLINE June testing was a success again this month!

The JULY testing will be at the Masonic Lodge on Recker Highway again this month. Our VE welcomes you, just remember to pre-register at our web site. WE DO NOT TAKE WALK IN TESTING! REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Go to https://wwwlwra.us/ve for additional information. July 6th 2024

Don’t forget the nets:

Monday: We have the Hardee County ARES Net, KT4WX will be NC on the WC4PEM repeater network at 7PM https://polkares.org for frequencies and repeater locations.

WCF ARRL ARES NET with KN4WXX on the NI4CE repeater network www.ni4ce.org for frequencies and repeater locations.

Local ‘Polie Bottom” NXDN net with Jimmy KJ4KJG as host on the W4CLL NXDN South Lakeland repeater at 8PM on 442.025 RAN 45 NXDN ICOM Or Kenwood radio required.

Tuesday Net opportunities are:
GMRS Net 462.725 141.3 +5 CTCSS 7 PM KB4FHP/WRCP675 is the NC. I NEED one MORE NET CONTROL OPERATOR; it is fun and a great way to practice.

The LWRA Net will be at 730PM on the 442.425MHz repeater + 5MHz using CTCSS Tone squelch 127.3 The net controller will be Brook W4BDP. I will announce the location of the informal that follows the regular net with a great topical question.

We have GREAT NETS with LWRA, if you are a SNOWBIRD on the way or already back up there; don’t forget we have SIGNAL. This is for you to let us know you ‘would if you could’ be a part of the net. Check in on SIGNAL just to let us know you are OK.

(of course, you can ‘would if you could’ check in even if you are here.)

Wednesday net opportunities:

W4PSR Polk Schools Radio Society radio net. This is aa great chance to encourage youth. It is operated by youth under the supervision of Ham clubs in the schools. They operate on various modes to let students become aware of the types of systems available. We will announce the mode on our net on Tuesday as well as on Signal Chat for the LWRA. The net begins at 2:15PM each Wednesday during the regular school year.


Polk County ARES net on the WC4PEM linked repeater systems. The net begins at 7PM with WX4NEX Norm. Always a great net. More information can be found at https://polkares.org

Wednesday Continued
NI4CE NXDN net on the NI4CE NXDN radio network. This net requires a NXDN radio, and more information can be found on the www.ni4ce.org/nxdn. This net is hosted by NB9X Paul and starts at 730PM.

Thursday net opportunities:
LARC Fusion with Bob on the 146.685MHz -.6 Mhz C4FM. This requires a Fusion radio to participate.

LARC Traders net at 730PM on the LARC repeater 146.685Mhz -.6 Mhz 127.3 Tone Squelch.

WCF TECH Net. Listen- Learn-Inquire and Inspire. The wealth of knowledge out there is usually only a question away. ON the NI4CE network is the TECH NET.

This net allows questions to our WCF Technical Specialist on a variety of subjects and or problems. Join in at 9PM every Thursday evening. www.ni4ce.org /nets for more information and frequencies. www.wcfarrl.org . www.ni4ce.org for more information. We have several Tech Specialist from our area on the net frequently.
And of course, daily 365 days a year at 830 PM we have the Eagle Net the WCF ARRL Traffic Net on the NI4CE radio network. www.ni4ce.org for more information.

One last thing.

Check out the WINLINK Monday with Gary today, you can find more information on the

73 and I hope to ‘see ya on the air.’