LWRA President’s Message – Week of 2/05/24

Well good morning here is a new word for me, and hopefully describes you my fellow habitué (enthusiast).

This is an exciting week in the world of amateur radio. First we have the opportunity to practice emergency communications with a well organized practice using WINLINK with’ WINLINK Monday’. If you are new or need additional information check out Gary’s (K4GHB) information on  https://www.polkares.org/winlink  .  Also, our WCF section ARES net on the NI4CE repeater network at 730PM.

Tuesdays are always a great time for the hobby with the world famous LWRA Weekly net with the Serial Repeater Killer W4JFS at the helm, He’s not really dangerous, just has such great turnouts for his weekly nets that sometimes repeaters just get tired, lol. This weeks net will commence at 730 PM Tuesday on the K4LKW UHF machine. This repeater is located in Dundee and has a good range for most of the county; 442.425Mhz +5MHz offset using a tone squelch (TX and RX) of 127.3Hz. Immediately following the regular net check in on the same repeater is the LWRA roundtable. It is an informal net with topical radio related subjects of interest.

John will also announce the Polk Schools Amateur Groups weekly net held from his school with students and other staff members participating. He will announce the repeater and the time during the net for you.

Wednesday’s are great as well with the POLK County ARES net at 7PM on the WC4PEM see https://wwwpolkares for the repeater frequency best suited for you; repeater network usually hosted by WX4NEX. All are welcome and you do not have to be a member of the Polk ARES to participate.

Wednesday is also the NXDN net is you have a NXDN capable radio on the NI4CE NXDN network. The net begins at 730PM

Thursday, this is the LWRA monthly meeting. This is the second meeting of the quarter which is our quarterly educational meeting, a brief meeting will be held for any un scheduled business then directly to the subject. This month what a treat we have Dan W5DBH, our club VP this year, discussing and demonstrating “everything crimped”. A subject rarely discussed therefore rarely done correctly. SO if you want to learn how to properly use crimp connectors and the reasons why or why not… this is a great chance to learn.

A ZOOM link will be posted on Thursday for this meeting look for the additional email.

And Finally!

FRIDAY-SATURDAY-SUNDAY  HAMCATION.  This is the weekend we anticipate over the year.  The event can be found at https://hamcation.com for location, times and ticket information. We have several members going for the first time! You are in for a treat.  If you have never been and are going for the first time we have several members that can provide tips and information about the event. Send me an email and I will connect you with one of the folks…my email is jml610@comcast.net or if you are on signal chat for LWRA send me a message.  We have decided that if you want local communications with LWRA and/ or Polk County folks at Hamcation we will be on 146.565MHz simplex with carrier squelch.  Let us know if you are there on this frequency either Friday and/or Saturday.

As always keep those finals working on the LWRA repeaters!  And I hope to’ see ya on the air’.