LWRA President’s Message – Week of 12/10/23

Greetings in this Holiday Season,

This week in Ham radio for the LWRA.


We have had tremendous response to the nets and hope you can join us on Tuesday’s NET: this week’s net will be at 7:30 PM with Rick NI4S the net control operator.  The net will be on 442.425MHz +5MHz using CTCSS 127.3 on TX and RX. After the net we will have a ‘round table’ or informal on the same repeater join us for interesting topical discussion regarding Ham Radio. This gives you a unique opportunity to be a part of two types of nets back-to-back, GREAT amateur practice!

The LWRA meeting will be held Thursday this week at 7PM at LWFD Sta 1 253 West Central Avenue.  The meeting will be our election, a program on programming software. (note this will not be a how to program) will be to inform you on the types of software available and the pros and cons.

If you have a specific software question, please send it to me BEFORE the meeting and I will attempt to address the question.  jml610@comcast.net

Here is the ZOOM link We are trying this one more time. We have additional information coming out about other methods of watching the meeting in January.



QRP this month on the last Saturday of the month 12/30/2023. This is a FUN ONE!  Thanks to W4JFS we will have a FOXHUNT: he is planning to set up a hunt for all you fox hunters!  More information will be sent regarding this as we approach.  We will be at Crystal Lake Park in Lake Wales for this event. More information can be found on the www.LWRA.US/QRP web site.  I am sure he will have additional on the nets so as my old friend Paul Harvey used to say, ‘Stand by for NEWS!’

Have a great week, I hope to ‘see ya on the air’!