LWRA Presidents Message – Week of 8/28/23



This net normally meets every Tuesday evening at 730PM, due to the increased awareness required by both members, officers and Net Controllers that may be required on other NETS or assignment, we feel it prudent to redirect you to important information during this time frame.

Our membership coverage area (those in Central Florida) should have or be nearing your preparations for potentially severe weather.  Have your batteries charged, you go kits ready, your water, fuel, and food need ready to go.  You can keep up with the latest weather alerts via other established (NON-DRILL) nets for this event.

If you are new to the area, or just may not know, the WC4PEM repeater system cover Polk and well into the 10 adjacent counties. The frequency list is below. If a SKY WARN NET is established, please follow the reporting guidelines to net control.

SKYWARN Reporting Criteria

  • Tornadoes or funnel clouds (be very wary of look-alikes; watch for rotation)
  • Wall clouds, especially if they are rotating.
  • Hail (Be specific with regard to size; DO NOT report MARBLE size)
  • Winds (40 mph or greater; specify whether estimated or recorded) — large branches downed (specify diameter of branch) …
  • Rainfall … (1” per hour or greater)
  • Flooding …
  • Your location (specific)

For Polk County the linked PEM systems operate on 4 linked repeaters 1 2M 3 70 cm.

Dundee 146.985MHz RX 146.385 TX 127.3Hz both Tx and RX 

Davenport 444.625 Rx 449.625 TX 127.3Hz both Tx and Rx

Frostproof 444.900 RX 449.625 Tx 127.3Hz both Tx and Rx

Kathleen (NW Lakeland) 443.900 Rx 448.900 Tx 127.3 Hz on both TX and RX 

If you would like a broadened perspective; the NI4CE network, also linked will provide severe weather from Charlotte County to the Hernando County areas across to Lake Placid and Bartow making this a large linked system. Important can be found on this system in concert with the SKYWARN on the WC4PEM.

WCF ARES net also tonight at 730PM on the NI4CE ‘Big Stick’ for update information.

We encourage you to check into the Eagle net tonight on the NI4CE systems to see which repeater may serve your needs best. 830

NI4CE Repeater Map & Frequencies

Stay safe and we will see you next week for the ‘Monday Message’ from the LWRA.

‘See ya on the air’