LWRA President’s Message – Week of 7/17/23

Greetings fellow LWRA members, Mid July and approaching the DOG DAYS of summer!

First, I have been informed that a fellow Kentucky Colonel and LWRA member (winter visitor) K9GO Jesse T Franklin. He wintered here in the Lake Alfred area and had previously been very active in the club. On behalf of the club, we send our condolences.

I would like to first thank each of those who attended the LWRA meeting, in person or via electronic medium, a very productive meeting, spirited but constructive discussion, that proves the LWRA is very much alive and well. We accomplished the critical points that needed immediate attention.

It is coming up on the favorite time for those QRP enthusiast for JULY!  We will be at Lake Hartridge Park in Winter Haven for this month’s event. Our TGT ‘Tail Gate Tech’ feature will be ‘Back to the Basics’ with such items as SWR, using a handheld analyzer and other test equipment. Types of antennas and cables as well as a collection of cable connectors…. And much much more. Come by set up or use one of the HF stations if you with. I hope to see you there  July 29th.

The ‘Help a Ham’ project was completed Saturday getting one of our Elmer’s back on the air. Thanks to all who assisted in the first or second date to accomplish this task.

We will have a talk-in the UHF machine 442.425 + 5MHz. 127.3 We will also be available on the PEM.

Come out and join us for a great time the last Saturday of the month from 9-12 noon.

The LWRA net will be Tuesday on the 442.425MHz machine 127.3 at 730PM. NOTE NOTE I will be net control and will monitor 147.330 -S 127,3 machine as well if you cannot reach us on the UHF try us on the VHF.  If you can’t reach us let us know on the LWRA Signal app.  Rag Chew after the formal net on the VHF machine.

‘See ya on the air’