LWRA President’s Message – Week of 7/3/23


I am in the mountains of North Carolina…. And during the day it is still HOT.

I had a remarkable trip up, made several contacts locally and contacted our DSTAR repeater in Bartow from here. Now that was interesting. Thanks for those who responded to my CQ to test that feature.

I know it’s the 4th of July, and while I believe this is the greatest country on earth, without reservation despite our shortcomings.  I am THANKFUL everyday for the blessing of being born in the USA!  However, if you need a pick me up just before the local fireworks in your community, join a fill in net control operator and make him feel welcome. W4BDP Brook from Polk City will host our net so turn out and set a firecracker of a net off with Brook.

NET 442.425MHz 127.3  7:30PM

Stay safe and be VERY careful if you are using fireworks yourself. That by the way is from years of experience as a paramedic. I have run the worst you can imagine to minor burns. Think before you light it , un-lighting one is impossible.

Look for the message for next week and until then Happy Birthday USA!