Like New, dual band antenna and mobile mount

I have a Comet RS720 universal mobile “lip” mount with NMO connector on mount and a Diamond NR73B NMO dual band antenna to fit it. This mount attaches easily to almost any surface “lip” on a vehicle and is held in place with four set screws. The max thickness of the lip can be up to 1/4″ and the mount has five feet of LMR-100 “thin” coax attached so it fits thru the weather seal on hatchbacks, van doors, trunk lids, etc. and terminates inside the vehicle using a standard SO-239. All you do is add the interior coax with PL-259s on each end and run it to the radio. Once the mount is attached to the lip, you may rotate the antenna to a full vertical position from most any mounting angle and then lock it in place. Total value of this combination, new, is about $125. Right now I’ll let it go for $65.  It looks and works like brand new!

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